The Gym: Issue #11

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My gym, like every gym I think, has a rule that requires you to keep your shirt on in the gym. A couple of meatheads were benching and there were some girls nearby so they decided to shed their shirts.

A few minutes later a gym worker, another girl, comes by and tells them to put their shirts back on. The one guy did right away while the other meathead goes: "Even me?" … and then flexes his pecs and winks. If there was a Douche Hall of Fame, this guy would get in on the first ballot.

– Luke

I work at a gym in Georgia. One day while I was working I heard what sounded like a terrified girl's scream coming from the men's side of the gym. Turns out that while one guy was loading weights on our leg squat machine (the plates sit on the machine horizontally), he dropped the weights on the rack and managed to get his dick stuck between two 45 pound plates and the nearest guy had to get the plates off of him. We now call him "Flathead."

– Drew

I go to college in Minnesota and our school's Rec Center has a pretty decent weight room which is frequented by many douchey guys, who have necks bigger than my waist. There is one in particular, who has a military hair cut, and no roots to the military, with a tattoo on his calf that says, "It's a way of life" in the top arch, and a weight set in the middle, with "No Pain, No Gain" on the bottom arch.

Did I mention I have NEVER seen him pick up a weight, he just walks around
rocking out to AC/DC and commenting on others lifting.

– Nick

My dad was a former athletic director, and my mom worked at the local YMCA, and I have been going regularly to gyms since I was 14, so I have a lot of good gym stories but my favorite is the "growler".

At the old gym I lifted at, the mirrors were in this tiny little corner and the the dumbells circled it with the benches in front of the mirrors. Well, I'm doing my sets on the bench and then all of a sudden this 50-something year-old starts curling in front of me.

I don't need the mirror but its kind of rude and in my personal space. No big deal, I finish and put the weights back and as I walk back I walk in front of him because there are too many people to go around, he then — and I kid you not — growls at me. And I'm not talking about the "I'm pushing myself" grunt. I mean like the growl of a pissed-off, wild animal.

And the look he gave was that of death. This all might of been scary if not for the fact that my left leg weighed more then him. So a piece of advice when lifting at the YMCA: don't walk in front of old people using the mirror. They may have mirror issues.

– Austin

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