The Game: Issue #5

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I was at a Phillies playoff game a few years ago waiting in a long line for the urinals. A guy was on his phone while he was taking a leak and he dropped his phone directly into the piss-filled urinal.

He stood there staring down for a few seconds as laughter spread through the bathroom. The guy then reached down and grabbed his phone and as he pulled it up from the urinal the entire bathroom began cheering in unison.

When I left the bathroom there was a group of people standing outside asking about all the cheering coming from the bathroom. By far the most fun I've ever had waiting to piss.

– Matt

As a Canadian at a home game for the Phoenix Coyotes I expected people to not know what has going on. But this one guy kept screaming "THE MIDDLE! THE MIDDLE!" when there wasn't even anyone in the middle of the ice. Then he starts yelling numbers and to "HIT HIM!" … even though the guy with those numbers didn't have the puck. I'm pretty sure this guy thought he was watching football on ice.

– Scott

My freshman year at Wisconsin I went to every football game. At each of the first three home games of the season, someone behind me — and it was a different person every time — puked on my back before the end of the first quarter. When it didn't happen in the fourth game it almost seemed weird. I ended up transferring but not because of the vomit.

– Molly

So my brother goes to a Red Sox-Indians game in Cleveland in 2007. Both he and I are huge Sox fans. He decides to wear his Manny Ramirez Red Sox jersey to the game. He gets seats in the right field bleachers and proceeds to get bashed by Indians fans for his jersey choice. For the first 2 innings he is getting reamed by the fan, one fan was really laying into him. About the 3rd inning this guy enters the bleachers and takes his seat near my brother.

This guy is wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers hat.

Instantly the fan that was bashing my brother focuses all of his attention on the Steelers hat wearing guy and begins taunting the guy til no tomorrow. About every 15 minutes he would scream out: "It's 8:15 and the Steelers still SUCK!" "It's 8:30 and the Steelers still SUCK!", etc. My brother takes up in the chant and starts getting high fives from Indians fans who completely forgot they were bashing him earlier. The guy with the Steelers hat lasted about 3 innings then left from all the taunting.

Glad to see where Indians fans heads are at a baseball game in July.

– Gabe

A couple of years ago me and three of my buddies went to a Patriots game in the rain. We all bought ponchos before and during the game we all had them on except for one of my friends.

Out of nowhere the drunk guy behind us taps my friend without the poncho on the shoulder and says in a thick Boston accent, "Hey bud, you're wet". My buddy laughs it off and says he knows and the drunk guy goes to his friends: "Lemme tell you what happened, these guys were at the dollar store buyin' raincoats and they were like, 'Should we get one for Dave?' And they were like 'Nah, fack Dave, he puked in my cah!'"

He also continuously told Tom Brady to throw the ball away "like a VCR." And when asked what he meant he said: "You know, 'cause everyone has DVD players now." Funniest game ever.

– Steve

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