Lebron Critics Apologize For Claiming He Created a "Super Team"

When Lebron James made his "Decision" last July to sign with the Miami Heat, many so-called NBA "experts" criticized him for taking a shortcut to an NBA title by teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Eight months later, those critics are silent.

"I was wrong," admitted one NBA scribe. "This is no super team. They're barely even a decent team. I doubt they'd even beat Lebron's Cavaliers. Lebron deserves a lot of credit for coming to a worse team for less money. Not a lot of NBA players would do that. He's a true trailblazer."

While many predicted the Heat would challenge the NBA record for single-season wins, the team has lost four in a row, continues to fall to the middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference and has yet to beat an opponent with a winning percentage above .700. Perhaps worst of all, several Heat players have taken to crying in the locker room after tough losses.

"This is as bad as when Jordan played on the Wizards," said an NBA television analyst. "Only Lebron is choosing to do it in the prime of his career, not after winning a bunch of rings. It's remarkable."

And while many were once worried that Lebron's decision would start a trend in which big market cities would attract all of the top talent from smaller markets, that is no longer a fear.

"It's will be great for league parity," said an NBA official. "Teams in big cities with 'Big 3s' can bring in the TV ratings while smaller market teams will have actual teams who win things. We could be entering a Golden Age of the NBA, and it's all thanks to Lebron and the Miami Heat not being any good. Thanks, fellas!"