Kevin Love: "I never could’ve gotten all those rebounds without my teammates missing so many shots"

Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love set a new NBA record for consecutive double-doubles with 51 on Monday night. But Love, who had 23 points and 17 rebounds in the loss to Dallas, was characteristically humble about the achievement.

"My streak could have been broken countless times if it wasn't for my teammates," said Love. "They repeatedly stepped up with just horrific shooting, enabling me to grab offensive rebound after offensive rebound. I really owe all of my success to them sucking."

Minnesota, who at 15-50 has the second-worst record in the NBA, is also third-worst in the NBA in field goal shooting percentage at .438.

"Usually, at 6-foot-10, I'm one of the tallest guys on the court," said Love. "So all I have to do is stand there with my arms up and wait for a brick to carom in my direction. I get 8 or 9 boards a night that way."

Love says his other rebounds come from shots that deflect off of Darko Milicic and land in his arms.

"Yeah, Darko can't catch," said Love. "It's tough to get rebounds off of him, though. The ball can carom in any direction. He is very oddly shaped."

Timberwolves head couch Kurt Rambis attributed Love's double-digit scoring average to his awful teammates, as well.

"On a good team Kevin Love doesn't get near as many shots," said Rambis. "Hell, he might not even start. But on this team? No way I want anyone else on this roster shooting. I might even make Kevin our point guard so no one else ever touches the ball."