Fox Sports Net Airs Documentary On Former Michigan 6th Man Rob Pelinka

Fox Sports Net aired the documentary "Pelinka Chips In" last night about former Michigan Wolverines bench player Rob Pelinka, who was the team's 6th man during its "Fab Five" era. The network had hoped the hour-long, hastily-produced documentary could piggyback off the success of ESPN's Fab Five documentary.

According to preliminary overnight data, "Pelinka Chips In" received a 0.0 rating nationally. But Fox Sports chairman David Hill says a single night's ratings will not be how the documentary is ultimately measured.

"We plan to run the Pelinka documentary a lot," said Hill. "A few times a night at first and pretty much constantly during the middle of the night. And then, later on, whenever your hometown baseball team has a rain delay, the local FSN affiliate will get Pelinka. Between all that and DVD sales, I think we'll definitely recoup the $300 we spent making the documentary."

The largest portion of "Pelinka Chips In" focuses on the one time the Fab Five players — Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson — invited Pelinka to a party in 1991.

"It was like I had arrived. They were welcoming me as one of their own," Pelinka reminisces on the documentary, filmed with a cell phone. "It turns out they just had me there to man the keg, but still! Me, Rob Pelinka, at the same party as the Fab Five!"

The remaining 48 minutes of the documentary is just the narrator asking Pelinka if he has any "cool stories about the Fab Five" or if he has any of their phone numbers. Pelinka insists that he does not have their numbers, which is probably true.