Duke To Skip Tournament In Order To Make Viral Trick Shot Video

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski announced today that the Blue Devils will skip the ACC Tournament in order to spend time making a trick shot video the program hopes will get a lot of views on YouTube.

"You have to be able to adapt in the game of basketball," said Krzyzewski. "And things have changed. Winning isn't what it's all about anymore. Today it's more about getting a lot of views and likes on YouTube. I'm not going to stand in the way of these kids' dreams. I mean, Nolan Smith can make a shot from half court through his legs. The world needs to see it."

Krzyzewski said his team's struggles down the stretch — losing two of its last three — is due to a change in practice habits.

"For the past month we've been spending most of our practice time working on our trick shots," said the coach. "I think it's impressive we've won any games at all. But not as impressive as Kyrie Irving's underhanded bank shot from the scorer's table."

That admission explains why several of Duke's late-game possessions in a loss to North Carolina on Saturday included half-court shots by blind-folded players.

Sophomore forward Mason Plumlee says he is excited about the upcoming film shoot.

"My friends back home aren't too impressed with national titles," he said. "They don't really watch basketball. What impresses them is having a viral video. I remember the coolest kid in my high school, the guy who got all the girls, had his own YouTube channel with, like, 1,100 subscribers. I want to be like him!"

Krzyzewski said that if the video is completed in time, his team will still compete in the NCAA Tournament.

"These things take time," he said. "Seth Curry could hit his shot off the rafters in his first try or his 400th try. You never know. But I hope to play in the NCAA Tournament. That kind of publicity could really boost the profile of our trick shot video."