6 Classic April Fools-Style Sports Pranks

#1 – Hidden Ball Trick

Sport: Baseball

Basic Instructions: Conceal the location of the ball from the baserunner in hopes he strays away from the base, allowing you to then tag him out.

Advanced Instructions: Take a ton of steroids to help you hit home runs against unsuspecting pitchers. Meanwhile, your balls will disappear.

#2 – Surprise Onside Kick

Sport: Football

Basic Instructions: Line up for a regular kickoff, but have your kicker tap the ball only 10 yards ahead in hopes of catching the opposition by surprise so you can regain possession of the ball.

Advanced Instructions: Turn the prank on your kicker by just standing there after he kicks the ball, leaving him as the only player on your team trying to chase it down. It will be hilarious when the little guy gets creamed by the opposing team.

#3 – Pump Fake

Sport: Basketball

Basic Instructions: Feign taking a jump shot, but don't leave the ground. This can cause your defender to leap into the air or lose his balance, allowing you to drive past him to the basket or shoot uncontested.

Advanced Instructions: If you just got pump-faked by someone, when they go up to shoot as you are coming back down to the ground, punch them in the crotch Kevin Garnett-style. Prank back at you!

#4 – Bucket of Confetti


Sport: Basketball

Basic Instructions: Perfected by the Harlem Globetrotters, pretend you are going to dump a bucket of water on an unsuspecting fan, coach or referee, but instead have confetti in the bucket. Do this a few times until everyone thinks it will always be confetti. Then dump water on someone.

Advanced Instructions: On the final bucket dump, have it filled with urine and feces instead of water. Harlem Globetrotters-style pranks may have been funny in the 1930s, but this is 2011. Our sense of humor has become more refined.

#5 — Draft Bust

Sport: Football, basketball and hockey

Basic Instructions: Have a really good amateur career so you become a highly-touted professional prospect. Then, after you are drafted in the 1st Round by a pro team and sign a huge contract, totally suck. This puts the franchise back 5 years and loses them millions of dollars. Well played!

Advanced Instructions: Have a decent year or two in between all your other years of suck. This makes your team think you may have potential and they will invest more money and time in you. But, no, you still suck. And instead of 5 years and millions of dollars, your franchise is now behind 10 years and a 100 million dollars. This level of the prank is often referred to as "The Carson Palmer." 4058fccaab71c69493dc78699e2a647b

#6 — Entire Fanbase Punk

Sport: baseball in the North Side of Chicago

Basic Instructions: Get your dedicated fans' hopes up every season and field a big-budget roster full of name players … but never win anything.

Advanced Instructions: Do this for more than 100 years.