Vince Young: "I’m running low on the money I saved for the NFL lockout"

Vince Young
Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young says he has all but run out of the money he had socked away for the NFL lockout, admitting he might be open to taking whatever deal the NFL owners currently have on the table.

"Hey, they win," said Young. "I can't wait this out any longer. I am almost out of money. I saved up, but this has drawn on too long. I need to get paid again."

Young says he hasn't been paid in "almost two weeks," but seemed completely unaware that the lockout has not started yet and can't until March 4th at the earliest when the current collective bargaining agreement expires.

Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt confirmed that while the team plans to trade or release Young, the quarterback still has been receiving his paycheck via direct deposit into his checking account every two weeks.

"I don't really think this has anything to do with the lockout," said Reinfeldt. "Vince usually comes to me every two weeks and says he needs cash. Unfortunately, he's not the only player who's almost out of money."

Running back Chris Johnson has reportedly been trading his extra jet skis for food, while wide receiver Marc Mariani has been trying to rent himself out around Nashville to catch footballs at birthday parties, car dealerships and charity car washes.

And that's just a few examples on one NFL team. There are countless more tales throughout the league of players who are down to their last dime.

Texans backup quarterback Matt Leinart is living out of an old girlfriend's Chrysler Sebring, Cardinals defense end Darnell Dockett has turned to prostitution, not just for fun this time, and the Bengals have begun eating their practice squad members to stay alive.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said he had expected NFL players to prepare themselves more financially for the lockout.

"This is just too bad," he said, cackling. "So sad to hear that they're broke."

Said NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith: "Goddamit. I was hoping they could make it until at least March 5th."