The Game: Issue #4

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At the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh the Penguins and Washington Capitals had a fairly balanced percentage of fans. Throughout the early part of the game Caps and Pens fans are yelling hilarious obscenities in general direction of the ice. One sign read "Ovechkin Laichs Semin."

As the trash started to get more personnel between two opposing fans, a third Pens fan interrupted by finding a level of interest that all the diehard fans from both sides supported.

It only took a few seconds for the entire 67,000 capacity crowd to ignore their differences and join together chanting "Flyers Suck!"

– Scott

There were games on, so I think this counts … I work for a Buffalo Wild Wings, and apparently the new trend is to place your baby that is no older than 4 months up on top of the bar table next to all the beers. Sometimes the parents are kind enough to place the stroller and kid underneath the table, and feed him like a dog under the table.

One time, a family of regulars placed their son "securely" on a bar stool and he fell out. He immediately began crying, and I overheard the couple trying to figure out what they were going to angrily say to my manager about the safety of our stools. They left shortly, and I haven't seen them back since. For the baby's sake, I hope they didn't just become regulars at Hooters.

– Chel

So I'm at a Yankee game with my brother and his buddy. The game hasn't even started and his buddy is just toasted. When the national anthem starts some a-hole is still wearing his hat. Of course, our drunk friend decides to say something. He screams "Take off the f—king hat, you dick!" or something along those lines. The guy turns around and gives him the finger. (Mind you, the guy we are with is about 6'4", 250).

So my brother's friend takes his obviously empty 16-ounce plastic beer cup and chucks it at the guy's head. The guy promptly falls about 2 rows. From an empty plastic cup. Greatest thing I have ever seen… I don't even remember who won the game.

– Pat

I was at the Eagles vs. Packers playoff game in Philadelphia soon after Brett Favre's father died. After he threw a late interception, blowing it for the Packers, a guy a few rows back yelled out: "Who was that to? Your dad?"

I am going to hell for the barely stifled laugh.

– Dave

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