NFL Players Go On Strike In Waning Minutes of Super Bowl To Force League’s Hand

In the waning minutes of Super Bowl XLV, with the Green Bay Packers precariously clinging to a 3-point lead over the Steelers in an exciting game, the two teams took off their helmets, picked up picket signs and went on strike.

The players circled the field with picket signs that read "More Work? Less Pay? No Way!", "On Strike: An 18-Game Season Is The Reason," and "@NFLcommish Sucks. SMDH."

Only after a panicked commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners caved in to almost every one of their demands did the Steelers and Packers return to the field, where the Packers wrapped up a six-point victory.

The united front on the game's biggest stage left the league with no option as the Steelers and Packers threatened to embarrass it and shed light on what is the most lopsided labor deal in professional sports. However, unbeknownst to Goodell and other league representatives, the entire hour-long strike and negotiation was not seen by the worldwide audience as it fell during one of the many extended commercial breaks.

Under the new labor deal, which prevents a lockout and the threat of a canceled 2011 season, the NFL season will be cut back from 16 games to 14, players will receive 98-percent of all league revenue, drug testing will be used only to determine and punish players who are not taking drugs and players can now fine and suspend commissioner Goodell. The players agreed to not have sex with cheerleaders on the sidelines during games.

"I think we got a good deal," said Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. "The break in the game hurt our team because we had the momentum when the strike started, but it was worth it for this deal."

Goodell admitted he was outmaneuvered by the players striking during the Super Bowl with hundreds of millions tuning in to see a champion crowned.

"I honestly didn't think they were that savvy," he said. "It shows that cutting down on concussions is a double-edged sword. Their non-concussed brains are pretty smart."