January Rewind: The Most Popular Articles and Images on SportsPickle

Only the greatest things ever appear on SportsPickle. But among those greatest things ever are the greatest things of the greatest things.

Here's what they were in November, based on traffic numbers.


1. Les Miles' Application for Michigan Football Coach

2. Flowchart: Who Should You Root for in the NFL Playoffs?

3. Flowchart: Should You Storm the Court?

4. 10 Things We All Learned in Gym Class

5. Steelers, Jets, Packers Bears And Their Office Equivalents

6. Football And Its Science Fair Equivalents

7. If State License Plate Slogans Were About Sports

8. If Other Coaches Talked Trash Like Rex Ryan

9. If Madden Player Ratings Were More Detailed

10. If Sports Mascots Were More Socially Aware


1. Ravens fans

2. 15 Fan Sign Failures

3. Falcons fans

4. VIDEO: The Sandy Koufax of Wiffleball

5. Duke girl

6. Jay Cutler

7. Kim Kardashian at an NBA game

8. Lebron James

9. VIDEO: Tennis Streaker Fails Miserably

10. VIDEO: Little Girl Is Sad the Bears Lost