Glen, the Farting, Nut-Punching Monkey, To Appear In Every Super Bowl Ad Again This Year

A Super Bowl tradition that's almost been around as long as the Lombardi Trophy is set to continue again this year with the appearance of Glen, the groin-punching monkey with digestive problems, set to appear in every Super Bowl ad.

"A percentage of the Super Bowl audience tunes in for the football, but we also know that much of America watches for the ads, and they want to see the crudest, lowest-common denominator humor our advertisers can provide," said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. "And it gets no lower than farting, crotch-punching monkeys. Glen is as important to the Super Bowl as the players are."

Glen first appeared in a Super Bowl commercial in 1981 in a spot for Pepsi. A teenage boy was trying to drink a Coke in the ad when Glen walked up, kicked him in the crotch and farted in his face. America loved the ad and Pepsi's sales skyrocketed.

By 1983 he was in every Super Bowl ad, from beer and car commercials to ads for feminine hygiene products and financial consulting firms. Last year he famously starred in a spot in which he went around kicking Americans in the crotch and farting in their faces if they didn't fill out their Census forms — the spot hilariously culminating in him farting in President Obama's mouth as he held a national security meeting.

In addition to being one of America's favorite commercial actors and a Super Bowl staple, Glen has developed into a Hollywood comedy star, as well. He, of course, originally appeared as the farting, crotch-kicking monkey comedy relief, but has since moved on to writing and directing feature films for stars such as Eddie Murphy, the Wayans Brothers and Adam Sandler. In fact, all three will star in Glen's upcoming film: "Farting, Nut-Punching Monkey 4."

Perhaps the only challenge in Glen's career is that many are starting to tire of his act.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to see his hilarious hijinx because I'll be playing in the game again, but I'm definitely DVR'ing it," said Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. "But I admit I'm getting a little bored with nut-punching and farting. Maybe he should try some explosive diarrhea. I would definitely buy a product whose ad had Glen having explosive diarrhea. That would be hilarious."

While no explosive diarrhea spots are scheduled, Glen is slated to appear in an E*TRADE ad in which he kicks an AmeriTrade executive in the crotch and then repeatedly pelts him with feces. The ad received the highest focus group scores in the company's history.