The Game: Issue #1

Ever hear something horrible and/or hilarious at a game? Send your submissions to OverheardSP at gmail. Or submit for future editions about the gym, tailgates and sports bars.


One of my least favorite parts of a football game is listening to "the coach from the bleachers." After the Florida-LSU game of this past season, I overheard quite possibly the most offensive quote I've ever heard from this fan. If you don't remember correctly, LSU ran a fake field goal to get a crucial first down late in the 4th quarter.

When we were walking out of the stadium, I overheard two of your everyday fraternity brothers talking about how Florida should have been prepared for the trick play. Apparently, one of them had played a little too much NCAA '11 and quickly pointed out that (and yes this is word for word): "it's Les f——- Miles! Urban has to know to call FG safe zone!" Thank you, coach-from-the-stands, for making me feel better about my knowledge and understanding of the game of football.

— Mark

I was at a hockey game and had to hit the bathroom between periods. The lines were really long and a guy a few lines over couldn't wait. So he finishes off the beer he's holding, walks over towards the sinks, whips it out and starts pissing in his cup. It filled all the way up, so he lets the last few streams out onto the floor. So gross.

A few seconds later, a security guy comes over and taps him on the shoulder. He turns around, still holding his cup of piss and tosses it at the security guy and runs. He didn't get far because a guy waiting in line near the exit dropped him with a punch to the back of the head. If anyone deserves the death penalty, it's this piss-tossing guy.

— Keith

My 8 year-old niece plays in a soccer league. I was visiting my sister one weekend and went to my niece's game. There was a throw-in near where I was sitting and I noticed that when her teammate threw the ball, her jersey came up a little in the back revealing a tramp stamp of the team's logo.

I assume/hope it wasn't a permanent tattoo, but I'm pretty sure if your 8 year-old daughter has even a temporary tramp stamp, you've failed as a father. Only in New Jersey.

— Jason

I was at a Giants game earlier this year and this total douchebag was sitting in front of me. He talked out of his ass non-stop. I got the sense that he spends all of his free time calling into sports talk radio shows. Every time Eli Manning would drop back to pass, he'd say: "Watch this. It's going to be an interception." After about 20 pass attempts, Eli was intercepted. And this douche jumped up and got in his friend's face yelling: "I CALLED IT! Don't ever doubt my football knowledge again, SON!"

Later in the game I "accidentally" dropped some french fries covered in ketchup on his coat.

— Clint