Ohio State Vows 10-Percent of Terrelle Pryor’s Future Collegiate Earnings Will Go to Charity

Terrelle Pryor
Ohio State moved to tamp down the growing controversy over cash, goods and services that star quarterback Terrelle Pryor and other Buckeyes have received, promising that all of the players' future earnings while in Columbus will be donated to local charities.

"I think our continued attention to this issue and this latest decision shows that we do things differently at Ohio State," said head coach Jim Tressel. "We do things the right way."

Tressel also noted that in order to really aid local charities, all player payments will be stepped up immediately.

"A few hundred here or there doesn't help much," said the coach. "We need to be giving our players more money so it can trickle down to these organizations. And I want all the players we are currently recruiting to know this, too — we are offering more now than we did before. Much, much more."

Ohio State is also working with donors and alumni to set up a charity that will target at-risk youth, primarily young men ages 18-22 who can be violently injured every Saturday in the fall.

"The Ohio State Blue-Chip Buckeyes Football Foundation will give cash, goods and services to these young men who need it the most," said Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee. "And all the money will be donated by money from Ohio State players themselves. It's a seamless cycle. A cycle of charity."

In light of the university's new program, the NCAA has announced it is lifting the suspension of Pryor and the other Buckeyes set to begin next season.

"Something seems a little shady about the whole charity thing Ohio State is doing, but whatever," said NCAA president Mark Emmert. "My job is to care more about appearances. And also money. Well, mainly money. Then appearances. Then … I forget. Probably more money."