Clay Matthews Thinking of Trying Out That P90X

Green Bay Packers linebacker and NFL sack machine Clay Matthews, Jr. says he is considering abandoning the team's workout regimen in favor of P90X videos.

"It's pretty popular," said Matthews of the workout DVD series. "I was at a party a few weeks ago and a guy there was swearing by it. He had only been doing it for a week but said he could already see a big difference. I'm surprised I've been able to get into the shape I am without ever doing P90X."

Matthews, who can bench 225 pounds 30 times, squat 500 pounds, run a 4.6 40 and has a 36-inch vertical, hopes P90X can "take him to the next level."

"I overheard a guy at the mall say he's in the best shape he's been in in years," says Matthews. "He was holding his daughter in his arms like it was nothing. And my cousin said her co-worker did P90X for 3 months and lost, like, 12 pounds. He sent in a YouTube video to their site and everything. I don't know if they used it or not."

Packers strength and conditioning coordinator Tom Corbick said he is trying to discourage Matthews from switching to P90X.

"This is like 1996 when Mark Chmura decided he was only going to do Tae Bo. He had the worst season of his career," said Corbick. "I hate when these fad workouts come along. Ooh! Eat right and workout hard for 6 days a week over a 90-day period … wow! What an ingenious idea!"

But Matthews is set on giving P90X a try.

"I want to get ripped," he said. "No matter what Tom says, I just don't know if our team's Shake Weight-based workout program is the best option. If nothing else, P90X will probably at least make me feel slightly less gay."