Brett Favre Signs One-Day Contract to Retire a Falcon

After reports that Brett Favre had again filed retirement papers with the NFL league office, it is now confirmed that the NFL legend is first signing a one-day contract so he can retire as a member of the Atlanta Falcons, the team for which he made his NFL debut.

"The Falcons organization has given me so much," Favre said in a statement. "Atlanta drafted me, and the team even let me attempt four passes during the 1991 season. Sure, none of the throws were completions – and two were picked off — but I'll never forget the unflagging loyalty this organization and its fans showed me."

The statement continued:

"Plus, the Falcons gave me the opportunity to play home games at a legendary home field like Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium or wherever the hell it was they played then. It really made me feel connected to the history of the game. Some of my best memories are in Atlanta. In fact, some of my only memories are there because I wasn't drunk and on painkillers the whole time."

"Sure, I've played for some other teams in recent years and decades, but it's important to remember where your roots really are. In my heart I'll always be an Atlanta Falcon."

Favre's retirement ceremony in Atlanta is expected to be one of the most moving moments since Scottie Pippen's retirement as a Seattle SuperSonic in 2004.