Blake Griffin Misses Thundering Layup

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin wowed the crowd again Sunday night with a high-flying, thunderous layup that slammed off the backboard and ricocheted all the way to half-court.

"I've never seen anything like that," marveled Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro. "The combination of athleticism and strength in that kid is something to behold. I just wish he'd stick to showing it off by dunking. His strength is a little counter-productive with some of the finesse plays," he added, likely alluding to a behind-the-back pass Griffin threw last month that decapitated a teammate.

Del Negro briefly pulled Griffin from the game after the forward's bricked layup to remind him to always dunk all of his shot attempts.

"With the way he can jump, pretty much any time he touches the ball on this side of half-court, I want him to dunk it," said Del Negro.

Once inserted back into the game, Griffin got the ball at the top of the three-point line, jumped off one leg, skipped again off the top of the head of the opposing team's center, flipped in the air, slapped the shot clock on his way down and then threw the ball through the rim, denting the court below.

"Yes! That's more like it!" yelled Del Negro.

Griffin didn't attempt a layup for the rest of the game, scoring 31 points on 15 dunks, as well as one free throw he was awarded after an opposing player's hand got trapped between him and the rim and was snapped off.

Del Negro says he plans to continue stressing to his young star in practice that he should always dunk.

"It's his best skill," said Del Negro. "Plus, it's freaking awesome."

Del Negro says he has also grown tired of other Clippers missing layups.

"In their case, though, it's not because they're too strong," he said. "They just really suck at basketball."