Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow Currently On Pace for Hearty Embrace Somewhere in Northwestern Arkansas

If both Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow continue running towards each other on their current pace, the former Florida duo will likely run into each other's arms somewhere in northwestern Arkansas or eastern Oklahoma.

"I don't care where we intersect," said Tebow, in a near-sprint heading east of Denver after hearing his college coach had resigned at Florida. "I just want to see him. Hold him. And then bring him back here with me."

Meyer got a late start after wrapping things up with Florida administrators, but is running at a brisk pace west of Gainesville at a pace well above what you would expect from someone of his age and health background.

"There's no stopping me," said Meyer, barely breathing heavily. "For the first time in a year, I'm truly happy and the chance to see Tim again will carry me all the way to him."

Tebow and Meyer are both running a direct route to each other, where they will embrace in the nearest field, and mainly staying off of highways — which presents a challenge in the dark of night.

"Not a concern," said Tebow. "God's hooking me up with one of those stars like the wise men had for Jesus. I'm just running for that and I'll find Urban."

Unfortunately, it appears Tebow is looking at a regular star, not a miracle from God, and is running off-course now towards Omaha, Nebraska, home of the UFL Omaha Nighthawks.