The Gym: Issue #1

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The gym manager was showing this prospective new gym member around. She was very attractive. He was showing here some of the equipment.

Manager: Like most gyms, we require everyone to wipe off the equipment when they're done.
Girl: Uh-huh.
Manager: But I'm sure most guys here would be okay if you didn't do that. (laughs)
Girl: (silence)

I haven't seen here back since then. I guess his creepy sales pitch didn't work.
— Romar

My roommate has been going to the gym since last spring because he said he wanted to get in shape for the beach. He actually trimmed up a lot and has been looking a lot better. I've been asking him what his routine is thinking I could try it but he's always sort of vague about it. Then last week before he got home from class there was a message on our machine. It was his gym calling to say his zumba class was canceled because the instructor was sick. I didn't tell him about it. I'm going to let him know I know before Christmas break when I give him a gift of purple zumba pants. Size: girl's small.
— Dustin

I fart when I do lunges. Only lunges. It doesn't matter what I eat or don't eat. I can't explain it. It must be the way my body is made. So I only do lunges at home now when I know no one will be there for a few hours. But even then sometimes I gross myself out.
— Lindsey

My gym just raised the monthly fee again and a lot of people were complaining. This one guy pipes up and says: "It's still a bargain for me. It would cost me a fortune to fill my basement with enough weights to really challenge me."
— T.J.

There is an old lady at my gym. She's probably 70 or so. A nice lady with white hair who keeps to herself. I'm not sure if I ever heard her talk. These two guys were standing near her talking about all the girls they were going to try to hook up with at some party. They were loud and kind of crude. Suddenly she stands up and says to them: "If these girls are lucky, they'll be able to ignore you like me by turning off their hearing aid."
— Tamara

I was waiting for the seated bench press machine behind this kind of spindly/nerdy looking guy. (Not that I'm ripped or anything.) He did three sets of 8 on 100 pounds. And every set as he was pushing out the last rep, he said under his breathe to himself: "This one's … for … the pussy." I guess you motivate yourself however you can.
— Matt