Dogs Express Interest in Owning Michael Vick

Several dogs expressed interest today in owning Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

"I would love to get Michael Vick in the future," a Virginia Beach, Virginia pit bull told a local dog newspaper. "I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process."

Vick, who spent 18 months in federal prison for running a dog-fighting ring, recently expressed a desire to have a dog again. It's a reunion that many dogs welcome.

"He served his time, has expressed regret and that's very important," said a muscular pit bull, pacing outside Vick's Philadelphia residence. "But as far as the dog community goes? There is still unfinished business. So, sure, if he'd like to get back together, we are all for it. Name the time and place. We'll be there waiting."

Cheryl Donneger, a PETA spokesman, says the organization is staunchly opposed to Vick being around dogs again.

"We support animals at every turn," she said. "But we are also not anti-human. And we're pretty sure a dog would kill Michael Vick if he gets near it. We're just trying to help him out here. I know of even teacup dogs who said they'd take him out."

Those close to Vick are advising him to reconsider.

"Maybe start out with a cat," Tony Dungy, Vick's adviser told him. "There's no history between you and cats. Plus, if you backslide a little bit and hurt it, no one will really care because most people hate cats."