2010 Sports Punchline Honoree: Brett Favre

Taking a look at the biggest sports punchlines of 2010…

You unretired. Again. Got busted for trying to cheat on your wife. Played truly awful football. Saw your consecutive games streak end. And got fined by the NFL.

That was all just this NFL season. You, of course, kicked off 2010 by throwing one of the worst interceptions in playoff history to keep the Vikings out of the Super Bowl. There really wasn't a news cycle that went by this year that didn't include some sort of new and humiliating story about you. Normally it would be mean-spirited to laugh at so much misfortune heaped upon one person. But here's the thing: everyone hates you. That's the one thing you achieved in your final return to the NFL: you managed to become despised by 100-percent of the U.S. population.

For 20 years we heard constantly how you played "like a kid out there." This year you gave us the gift of childlike laughter — full of purity and joy — as we laughed at you. Thanks, Brett. Maybe you're not all bad after all.

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