Miami Heat’s Failure to Win an NBA Title Extends to 9 Games

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat
Despite saying their sole purpose of playing together was to win NBA titles — and multiple NBA titles, not just one — the Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh Miami Heat have now extended their title-less streak to 9 games with a 112-107 loss to the Celtics on Thursday night.

"It's a disappointing loss," said James. "Sure, it would have been nice to have won an NBA title or two by now, but maybe that's not realistic."

The Heat are 5-4 with none of their victories coming in the playoffs or NBA Finals, meaning they remain 73 regular season games and a full postseason away from being able to come together as a team and prove themselves.

"Not only that, but we all have six-year deals," said Wade. "We probably can't be truly evaluated until after those six years are over. I mean, what if we had won an NBA title in our regular season opener this year but then never won one again? That would be a failure, right? But what if we start this season 5-4, like we have, and still win 3 or 4 titles in the next 6 years — that would be pretty good, right? I'm honestly asking. I'm so overcome with personal failure right now I can't think straight."

James said he didn't want to focus on Miami's many failings.

"Hey, the NBA isn't about us right now," he said. "The Hornets started the season 7-0. Everyone knows they are the best team. So I want to congratulate them on their inevitable NBA title in June. We're just going to regroup and try to be better than the Hornets in 2011-2012."

Heat coach Erick Spoelstra said he will begin bringing Wade, James and Bosh off the bench.

"How much longer can I watch this failure without making some changes?" said Spoelstra. "More than 9 games? Really? That seems so long."