Disappointed Eli Manning Informed His Team Didn’t Win the World Series

A still-glowing Eli Manning was pulled aside at Giants practice today and informed by head coach Tom Coughlin that it was the San Francisco Giants who won the World Series, not the New York Giants.

"I didn't want to crush him," said Coughlin, who left his quarterback in tears. "But I just couldn't let him go on thinking he won a championship. I know the Giants name was very confusing for him. He's a simple kid. But I need his focus on the New York Giants. The football Giants."

Those close to the quarterback said he was overjoyed about the Giants' win because he felt it would permanently quiet his critics thanks to having one more title on his career resume than his big brother, Peyton.

Coughlin accepted some of the blame for his quarterback's confusion about Giants.

"When he was a rookie, he was even more naive and scared than he is now, if you can believe it," said the coach. "So I helped him get braver by telling him that the guys on the team were actual giants — actual giants who would protect him and keep him safe. That's the only way I got him on the field. Apparently he still thinks all giants are the same."