Andrea Kremer Agrees to Appear in "Maxim"

NBC Sunday Night Football sideline reporter Andrea Kremer will appear in the February issue of "Maxim." The young men's magazine landed Kremer after an extended courtship of her and other top female sideline reporters.

Kremer agreed to appear because she received assurances the shoot would be football-focused.

"Their February issue is their Super Bowl issue, so I'm sure it will mainly be about Xs and Os," said Kremer. "I want it to be tasteful and professional. But I don't mind showing another side of myself. I know I'm seen as a super-serious, buttoned up reporter. A nice, fitted t-shirt or something could change perceptions of me."

Maxim editor Keith Blanchard said it would indeed focus on Xs and Os, per Kremer's demands.

"We're going to use a Sharpie to draw up some of the most memorable Super Bowl plays on her body," he said. "I think we'll have the Ben Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes game-winner in Super Bowl XLIII all over her cleavage. Because she did that game for NBC. So it's obviously appropriate."

Blanchard admitted Kremer wasn't the magazine's top choice among sideline reporters for a pictorial, but says he is happy with the get.

"We just need to bill it as a photo spread of a top female sideline reporter," he said. "Most sports fans will think it will be of someone else, but once they see Andrea I'm sure they'll be pleased. She is a very handsome woman for 51. Especially when you get her out of those jackets she's always wearing. I hope our readers will see her as the GILF next door. Like an American, less busty Helen Mirren who knows sports."

NBC also announced that Al Michaels will appear in the March issue of Playgirl.