Analyzing How Athlete Candidates Fared This Election


Shawn Bradley


OFFICE: Utah House of Representatives

RESULT: Defeated

IMPACT: Utah voters did not care for Bradley's pledge to make Utah the first state to classify dunking on someone a hate crime. Many also saw his run at the state legislature as a calculated stepping stone for an attempt in 2012 to take on Utah incumbent governor Uwe Blab.

Linda McMahon


OFFICE: U.S. Senator from Connecticut

RESULT: Defeated

IMPACT: The rejection of a wrestling candidate may slow the momentum of Chyna's presidential bid. McMahon's defeat also likely ends steroids manufacturers' hopes of receiving federal funds. McMahon has blamed her defeat on the "mean-spirited" press, specifically Mean Gene Okerlund.

Chris Dudley


OFFICE: Governor of Oregon

RESULT: outcome TBD

IMPACT: Dudley hopes Oregon voters responded to his message of compassionate conservatism. Conservative, in that Dudley promises smaller government; compassionate, in that he has personally offered to help Oregon residents reach things that are really high up on their shelves.

Heath Shuler


OFFICE: U.S. House Representative from North Carolina

RESULT: Elected

IMPACT: Shuler's re-election likely means that he will not accept Mike Shanahan's offer to try out for quarterback of the Redskins. Shuler returns to Washington looking to get enough votes to pass H.R. Bill 3924, which declares that college football is way better than pro football, so a player's college career should totally be what's considered when determining his legacy and nothing else.

Jon Runyan


OFFICE: U.S. House Representative from New Jersey

RESULT: Elected

IMPACT: Runyan is expected to make an immediate improvement in the running game for the House Republicans flag football team. Other than that, no impact.