4Chan Unable to Bring Down Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Blog

Despite a scheduled attack last night on Jags-Talk.net by 4Chan users, the Jacksonville Jaguars fan blog — regarded as in the top dozen or so fan-run Jaguars blogs — is still running as normal.

"I didn't have any problems getting my game wrap posted," said Jags-Talk's founder and sole writer, John Mulhally. "And good thing, because that win over the Texans was huge."

4Chan users targeted the blog after Mulhally had expressed anger over a picture of an overweight Jaguars fan originally posted on Jags-Talk had found its way to 4Chan where the woman's appearance was being ruthlessly mocked.

"That sort of thing gives the Internet a bad name," said Mulhally. "I think the web can be an outlet for positive ideas. I still feel bad about my post earlier this year saying Jack Del Rio should be fired. I'm glad it only got 7 page views."

Those comments, which many 4Chan users described as "gay", set off last night's DDoS attack on Jags-Talk. But the site is unbowed.

"I invested a lot of money in servers when I started Jags-Talk.net," said Mulhally. "I know that, one day, the Jaguars will be the best team in the NFL, they'll build a big fanbase and I'll be hit with more traffic than I could ever imagine. That's what I'm prepared for and that's why 4Chan can't hurt me."

Mulhally also hopes some of the 4Chan users will keep coming back to Jags-Talk.net.

"I think I've got a good site here," he said. "He's no Pedobear, but I have a real interview posted from a few years ago with the guy who played Jaguars mascot Jackson De Ville in 2004. Plus, if they click the banner ads, they could win a free iPod Nano!"