The 15 Worst Uniforms in Sports History

#6 — Tampa Bay Devil Rays' Original Uniforms

Why settle for just one color on your team logo when you can have them all?

Wade Boggs hadn't seen such a shimmering rainbow of colors since his prodigious consumption of fried chicken turned his urine into a greasy oil slick. Jose Canseco wouldn't even inject things in those colors into his body. And Fred McGriff considers donning this ugly uniform to be the biggest fashion disaster of his career.*

You know what? Let's just go ahead and any any 1990s expansion team to this list. The '90s brought wealth to the U.S., but not taste.

*Non-Tom-Emanski-Commercial Division

#7 – 1990s Cleveland Cavaliers Uniforms

Blue, black, orange, and white: together at last!

Just imagine how much Shawn Kemp could have gotten laid during his procreating prime if he didn't have to wear this embarrassing jersey every night. On the other hand, the dark colors did a hell of a job hiding the gravy stains on his shirts, so it was probably a wash.

You know, this is why we can't really blame LeBron for leaving Cleveland. There's a chance, however slim, that the team would want to break these suckers out for a throwback night at some point in the next couple of years.

This was the Comic Sans of jerseys.

#8 – Vancouver Canucks Uniforms

In 1978 the Canucks asked a design firm to create new outfits for the team. They ended up with these sweaters, which look like the cheapest flame-retardant sweatshirts three bucks can buy at K-Mart.

Even though the sweaters were considered by everyone to be among the worst in NHL history, the team stuck with them for seven years before abandoning them prior to the 1985 season.

Oh, well, at least they made the Stanley Cup Finals in the outfits in 1982, which gave fans around the world plenty of chances to make fun of the sweaters, growing the sport of hockey exponentially.

#9 – Detroit Pistons Flaming Horse Jerseys

Look, we'll go ahead and say it: we've all thought about lighting a horse on fire at some point or another. It's nothing to be ashamed of. That doesn't mean you can just throw a flaming horse on a jersey, though, and it certainly doesn't excuse using teal as a primary color.

We're pretty sure Grant Hill faked injuries year after year just to avoid having to slip on this jersey.

All that said, if the design inspiration was to show that the creation of cars caused the death of horses, then that's pretty cool. Suck it, horses! You're irrelevant!

#10 – Anything Oregon Has Ever Worn

The Oregon Ducks' cozy relationship with Nike and its boosting founder Phil Knight has been a major financial windfall for the school, but it's been an equally large fashion disaster. This list could really just be 20 of Oregon's worst jerseys ever, because it's too hard to choose just one.

The football ones with feathers on the shoulders?

The basketball jerseys that had the players' names written in sequins?

The football team's steel-colored pants?

It's like having children; it's hard to pick which one you hate the most.

The only way the Ducks' outfits make sense is if Phil Knight is actually a closet Oregon State fans and these uniforms have been part of an extended, awesome prank.