Reports: Your Favorite Athlete is a Sexually Deviant Scumbag


According to several reports, your favorite athlete is complete scumbag pervert who will make you hate yourself for ever rooting for them.

"I hope everything I'm hearing isn't true," said you. "But I kind of fear that it is. I've learned to expect the worst. My last four or five favorite players were also disgusting pricks I had to stop rooting for."

Reports claim that your favorite athlete made unwanted sexual advances to another party. Other accusers are now coming forward.

The athlete has denied the charges and apologized for even getting in such a position that could lead to an accusation.

"I want to earn back the trust of my fans," said the athlete. "And I will work hard to do so."

Only time will tell if those efforts are successful.

"I can't say I like them personally anymore," says you. "But I'm sure there are two sides to the story. And if I see there is some sincere changes to their lifestyle, I guess I can still root for them. I mean, they are kind of awesome at their sport."