Rangers Working with A-Rod on a Contract Extension

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees, Game 1
Thanks to Alex Rodriguez's .133 batting average through four games of the ALCS, a performance that has helped the Texas Rangers take a three-games-to-one lead in the series, the Rangers are working with the third baseman on a lucrative contract extension that would keep him on their payroll through the end of his career.

"We have a young and talented team — one we expect to be in playoff contention for several more years," said Rangers team president Nolan Ryan. "And the Yankees are a perennial playoff team that we will likely face again. So it makes sense to keep Alex Rodriguez on our side."

Rodriguez broke through last year with a great postseason performance as the Yankees won the World Series, but Ryan is happy to see he remembers who is paying his salary.

"People criticize Alex a lot," said Ryan. "But this series he has showed he is a man of honor and integrity. For the amount of money we're paying him, it's only right that he's doing absolutely nothing to help the Yankees beat us. He's a good man."

But the Yankees third baseman, who the Rangers still owe $24.8 million from the $252 million contract he signed with Texas in 2001, insists he is playing only for his primary employer: the Yankees.

"I'm doing my best out there," said Rodriguez. "I am a New York Yankee through and through. I am doing everything I can to help us win."

"Ah, crap," said Yankees manager Joe Girardi. "I was hoping there was some sort of explanation. Dammit. I guess last year for A-Rod was just a fluke then. What about Mark Teixeira, though? He's got to be playing for the Rangers, right?"