NFL Players to Wear Pubic Hair Bracelets for Testicular Cancer Awareness

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
In a spirit of activism carried over from breast cancer support initiatives in weeks prior, NFL players will be sporting pubic hair wristbands this weekend for testicular cancer awareness.

In partnership with the American Cancer Society, the campaign, "Intercepting Malignant Balls," aims to inform men aged 15-40 about the disease's warning signs.

"Men are often uncomfortable with doctors, especially when it comes to their private regions," said an A.C.S. spokesperson. "New research shows that many men with testicular cancer ignore symptoms of the disease, self-diagnosing lumps as 'nut biceps.'"

The wristbands, made from actual pubic hair of testicular cancer survivors, are being received positively by players, many of whom know loved ones affected by the disease.

"Yeah, I think it's great we're doing this, especially because one of my uncles had testicular cancer," said Lions running back Jahvid Best. "Actually, come to think of it, maybe it was just a hernia or something. Either way, he was definitely bending over a lot, and you hate to see that happen to someone close."

The NFL is also encouraging fans to help with the efforts by wearing pubic hair accessories of their own. Many supporters have already uploaded pictures of their creations to the league's official website, including pubic hair mittens, pubic hair mustaches, and pubic hair hairnets. One fan even outfitted his infant son in a pubic hair onesie.

Following the week's games, the wristbands will be auctioned off to raise money. Any that aren't sold will be used by Troy Polamalu for "personal reasons."