K-Swiss Debuts New Chris Bosh Commercial Featuring Philip Michael Thomas

The new shoe commercial for Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh debuted today and immediately went viral on the Internet. The spot, for Bosh's new Velcro Pump line of K-Swiss basketball shoes, features former "Miami Vice" star Philip Michael Thomas.

"We're really happy with the ad," said K-Swiss brand manager Roger Daniels. "Of course, we would have liked to get Don Johnson like in Lebron's Nike ad. But at K-Swiss we don't really have Don Johnson money."

Despite the low budget and secondary figures in Bosh and the character known as Tubbs, the K-Swiss spot is piling up views on the Internet.

"Holy sh*t. Bosh and that whatever his name guy is from Miami Vice. What a couple of f*cking losers. This is hilarious," read one typical comment on YouTube.

"I honestly had no idea K-Swiss was still in business," read another.

"Getting made fun of is not really the original idea we had for the ad," said Daniels. "But we'll definitely take the attention. Things don't always go exactly to plan. For example, it was just luck that it happened to be Philip Michael Thomas who was asleep on a park bench behind Chris as we were shooting the ad on my cell phone."

The K-Swiss ad is just the first in a planned marketing blitz for Bosh, with ads on the way for local Carl's Jr. restaurants, Dr. Perky generic cola, and Canada.