Giants Send Huge Box of Drugs to Ron Washington and Josh Hamilton

The San Francisco Giants engaged in bit of old-fashioned gamesmanship today by trying to get inside the head of their World Series opponent Texas Rangers before the series officially opens.

"We sent a big box full of cocaine and champagne to their locker room, addressed to Ron Washington and Josh Hamilton," said Giants outfielder Pat Burrell. "It was hilarious."

There are stories from the old days of teams shutting off the hot water to the opposing team's locker room and of players sending pre-paid prostitutes to opponents' hotel rooms late the night before a game. The Giants feel their drug shipment to an addict and his cocaine-using manager is in the same spirit.

"It's good-natured," said Giants manager Bruce Bochy. "Boys being boys. We just want to have a laugh and get under their skin a little bit. That's also why we included the needles and some heroin."

But while the Giants saw nothing wrong with the stunt — except for ace Tim Lincecum, who insisted marijuana not be included in the box: "You don't give perfectly good weed as a gag gift." — the Rangers didn't find it funny at all.

"That's messed up," said Washington. "There are some things that aren't in-bounds for this kind of thing and Josh's disease and my past issue fit that definition. So let the Giants know, that if they send any more cocaine, I'm going to snort it all again so Josh doesn't have that temptation. Please tell them I said that. And please tell them to test me. Please. I need another hit- … test. I need another test."