CC Sabathia to Eat on Just 3 Minutes Rest

Yankees ace CC Sabathia has decided he will bypass his usual 4-minute break between meals and will try to eat on just three minutes of rest.

"It's the playoffs. My team needs me to have my strength up. So eating again it is," said Sabathia at a cafeteria-style restaurant near Times Square. "That dessert cart was calling my name anyway."

Sabathia said he would have been willing to pitch on just three days rest had manager Joe Girardi asked him, but the Yankees skipper never asked.

"I wanted to ask him, but he was eating," said Girardi. "I know not to disturb him when he's eating. I learned that the hard way already when he bit one of my fingers off."

If the Yankees make it to the World Series, Sabathia said he would happily eat on just two minutes rest.

"I'd eat constantly if I didn't have to go out to the mound to make my food money," he said.