Boxing Looking to Cut Down On Blows to the Head


Boxing's governing bodies will meet in the coming days to discuss ways to cut down on the number of blows to the head in the sport.

"We can't ignore this issue anymore," said Marian Muhammad, president of the IBF. "Boxers have been taking shots to the head for more than 100 years. Enough is enough."

WBA president Gilberto Mendoza says some boxers are literally being knocked out.

"It happens. I've seen it," Mendoza said. "Knocked right out so they're laying on the floor of the ring, completely out of it or at least dazed. It's brutal."

Mendoza says he has also seen boxers knocked down three times in one round.

"Technically, I'd call that a knockout, too," he said.

And even those boxers that are not knocked unconscious often sustain repeated blows to the head throughout their match. For every NFL player hit in the head, there are 50 boxers hit in the head more than 400 times. The sport's sanctioning bodies plan to immediately enact measures that will severely punish anyone who hits an opponent in the head.

"You do it, you're thrown out of the fight," said Muhammad. "That seems to be a fair punishment to me. Critics say we can't rid blows to the head from a sport that is inherently violent, but I say we can't not do it. Under no circumstances must we allow boxing to be portrayed as a violent blood sport like football is. We will become irrelevant."