Andy Reid Names Mike Kafka Eagles’ Starting Quarterback

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid announced today that third-string quarterback Mike Kafka, a fourth round pick out of Northwestern, would be the Eagles starter for the remainder of the season.

"Kevin Kolb and Mike Vick have played to a tie," said Reid. "There's no way I can choose between them. So Kafka is our guy going forward."

Several of the team's veteran players have reportedly tried to talk Reid out of the decision, but the 12-year head coach is set in his thinking.

"Every time we've put in a new guy at quarterback, he's played better than the guy before him," said Reid. "Vick played better than Kolb and now Kolb is playing better than Vick. It seems logical to me to that Kafka will be better than either of them."

Reid believes Kafka, who threw 16 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in his one year as a starter at Northwestern, has probably observed Vick and Kolb play, learned from what he's seen, and will be an unstoppable fusion of the two styles.

"Umm … I don't know about that," said Kafka. "Do you think it would help if I talked to Coach Reid and told him that I shouldn't be starting? I'm not prepared to start and I'm honestly not all that good."

Both Kolb and Vick say they are not concerned by Reid's decision to name Kafka the starter.

"He announced Kafka as the starter right after I saw Andy in his office eating a box of doughnuts," said Kolb. "When his blood sugar goes crazy he doesn't think right. He'll change his mind."

"Blood sugar?" said Vick. "Who cares about that? Fat man better just not cross Mike Vick. He knows better."