5 Awesome Games Hidden Inside Michael Jordan’s NBA 2K11


The new NBA 2K11 featuring Michael Jordan has been released. Now gamers are discovering all of the hidden games inside.


Control Jordan as he punches teammates like Steve Kerr and Will Perdue. Earn a championship belt by keeping the news out of the media, thereby concealing from the public the fact that, despite your marketable image, you're kind of a dick.


Wreak havoc on Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas and Las Venturas with your posse of Charles Barkley and Charles Oakley, doing drugs, nailing strippers and gambling. Just don't get caught by the NBA commissioner or the basketball portion of NBA 2K11 will be locked for a year.


The hardest mini-game in NBA 2K11. No matter how much you play, you'll struggle to consistently break 80. Eventually the game becomes more about smoking cigars and hooking up with beverage cart girls


Here your task is to take a .202-hitting, 31-year-old Double-A outfielder and make him improve and progress up to the major leagues. This mini-game is unlocked only if you lose in Michael Jordan Grand Theft Auto.


This game is a complete reproduction of the old Wizards & Warriors game for Nintendo. The great part about it is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Jordan's time with the Wizards.