Welcome to the new SportsPickle!


Hey! Notice anything different around here?

That's right. SportsPickle is now even more awesome than before thanks to a snappy re-design. But in addition to looking better, the site has a ton of new features, like …


Now you can sign up for a commenter account and comment away on every SportsPickle article, video or picture. Please share your important sports opinions, such as "FIRST!" or "Yankees SUCK!"


The site had some video before, of course, but now it's streamlined with a dedicated Video section on the site featuring the funniest sports videos on the web every day — which you can view on SportsPickle's very own video player.

New content

The enhanced design capabilities allow for new kinds of (super hilarious!) content on the site.

You: Really? That's outstanding!

SP: We know, right?

You: Is this conversation thing we're doing right now one of the new things?

SP: YES! Congratulations for noticing! And there are others you'll see rolling out in the coming days and weeks.

Everyone: HUZZAH!


In addition to an enhanced Links section SportsPickle will also feature one funny sports link from elsewhere on the web every day on the home page. See a funny article, picture or video elsewhere? Send it in, big fella! There's a Submit tool at the top of every page.

Separation of News and Opinion

Looking for sports news satire? Go to the NEWS section. Looking for other funny SportsPickle content like lists, rankings and flowcharts? Then go to the OPINION page. Nice and simple. Or just dig in by sport: MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NHL, etc.

And Much More …

You'll discover much more as you visit and get used to the new SportsPickle. The site's still daily, it's still updating throughout the day, it's just better now. You're welcome.