Tim Tebow Buys New Swim Trunks for Locker Room Shower


In a recent trip to Kohl's with his mother, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow bought a new pair of swim trunks to wear in the locker room shower during his first NFL season.

The trunks, green with white stripes on the side, had been marked down to $16.99 from the original price of $28.70.

They were a real good deal, said Tebow after Tuesday's practice. There's a zipper pocket, too, so I won't lose track of my knickknacks.

The Heisman winner reportedly brought four separate pairs into the dressing room, stepping out bashfully to show his mom after trying on each. She then told him that green was a good color on him, which was the deciding factor in his purchase.

The famously chaste quarterback has admitted to some jitters concerning NFL locker rooms, where reporters-including females – are granted access following games. While he took a number of precautions to remain decent during his college locker room years, he knows he'll be facing new and difficult challenges over the coming year.

I'm really hoping I can learn a thing or two from the older guys, like Champ Bailey here, about how to keep it pure, Tebow said, patting the veteran cornerback on the upper thigh.

Throughout training camp and preseason, Tebow wore a pair of surf-style trunks without lining in the locker room, which he said made him feel self-conscious.

Maybe the other fellas are okay with their doodads floppin' every which way, but not me, remarked Tebow. No siree.

In addition to wearing swim trunks in the shower, Tebow also intends on changing out of his jersey in bathroom stalls and hiding his dirty underwear in his backpack until he can wash them safely at home.