Star Boise State QB F–king His Way from Rathdrum to Pocatello


Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore is capitalizing off the fame of his newfound celebrity by plowing through a wide swath of women across the state of Idaho.
"Every woman in the state wants to have a go with Kellen Moore," said the junior quarterback of the No. 3 ranked Broncos. "And some of them aren't even that disgusting. It's awesome."
Moore said last night in Couer D'Alene he hooked up with "a definite five, maybe even a six. I kept the lights on and everything." He said that compares with his top pull so far which came Tuesday afternoon in Idaho Falls.
"I did it with Wendy LeCroix," he said. "That's right the Wendy LeCroix, daughter of Bill LeCroix, the potato king of Idaho. She's not much of a looker, but you don't get to be with someone that famous every day."
While Moore says he has had some success with the women of Idaho in seasons past, Boise State's season-opening win over Virginia Tech has given him constant access to willing partners.
"It's pretty amazing," said Moore. "I bet if we win the national title I could get with Cindy McCraw. She's the only seven in the state and is dating the captain of the Boise State rodeo team. If that happens, I could pretty much die after and be happy."