Roger Federer Turns Heads at US Open with Revealing Tennis Dress

Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki
Roger Federer moved on at the US Open last night, but it wasn't his usual stellar play that left tennis fans talking — it was his low-cut tennis dress.

"I thought I played well tonight," said Federer. "And I felt a lot freer on the court without being encumbered by pant legs or sleeves. I can see why the women dress like this."

Unlike Wimbledon, the US Open does not have a strict dress code so competitors can dress as they choose. Federer said he saw the dress in a shop window on his way into the complex and it caught me eye. I decided to try it on and I thought it made my ass look great. So I bought it."

The No. 1 ranked player's fashion decision pretty much ends the debate that he is not a colorful personality.

"I have been pushing Roger for years to show more of who he is for the fans and, I'll be honest, for marketing opportunities," said Federer's manager, James Wellbeck. "But this might have been a bit extreme. The only marketing opportunities we've gotten so far are for him to appear at a drag bar in Staten Island."

But Federer says he doesn't care.

"I feel pretty, I feel good about my body and that's all that matters," he said.

Venus Williams will reportedly wear a thong and pasties in her next match in an attempt to upstage Federer.