"Alabama fans are rednecks," says blissfully unaware redneck Florida fan

Redneck Florida Gators fan James "Big Jim" McIntyre says he can't wait for the Gators to beat Alabama and shut up "all of their redneck fans."

"Alabama fans are nothing but a bunch of inbred bumpkins," said McIntyre, a lifelong Gators fan who lives in rural north Florida. "Don't leave any of your sheep around them or they'll get raped."

McIntyre himself has five sheep, as well as seven goats. "Ain't none of them been raped, not once," said McIntyre. "That's the difference between Florida fans and them 'Bama rednecks. Are me and my kinfolk attracted to them animals? Sometimes. Sure. But we don't do nothin' about it like they do."

While much of his opinions on Alabama fans are due to stories he's heard, McIntyre says he also has first-hand knowledge of the state's residents.

"I took the family to Alabama for a swap meet a few years back for vacation," said McIntyre. "The whole state was swarmed with stupid rednecks. I remember I bought a perfectly good crawfish pot for a dollar off one guy. Idiot."

"The guy who bought that old bed pan off of me and said he could use it to cook food?" said the Alabama fan McIntyre bought from, putting a bit of chew into his lip. "Stupid Florida redneck. I remember he had a bunch of inbred-looking kids with him, too. All them Florida fans are redneck trash."