Mothers Against Drunk Driving speak out against Braylon Edwards’ taunting penalty

Cleveland Browns v Tennessee Titans
MADD President Laura Dean-Mooney released a statement yesterday calling out Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards for his 15-yard taunting penalty following a touchdown score Sunday afternoon against New England.

"This is yet another example of professional athletes assuming they are above the rules of the NFL," read the statement. "What Mr. Edwards did is a disgrace to the millions of young fans that look up to him. His poor judgment and reckless endangerment of the Jet's chances of winning is simply unacceptable for a person of his stature."

When asked what they expect from Edwards going forward, Mooney was adamant that he pay for his mistakes.

"We expect nothing less than a full apology to his teammates and coaches, and for him to run an extra 15 wind sprints at today's practice."

Edwards could not be reached for comment, but his agent said he understands the implications of his actions and is willing to accept full responsibility for it: "My client knows the damage he's done. He feels sick to his stomach about this entire incident. Seriously, he's been getting drunk every night just to numb the pain."