McNabb Fairly Confident He Won’t Have a Bag of Feces Poured on His Face On Return to Philadelphia

Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb isn't sure what kind of reception he'll receive from Eagles fans on his first game back in Philadelphia, but he says he feels it's "about 60-40" that no one will "pour a bag of feces on my face."

"I had some really good years here and Eagles fans are smart fans who know that," he said. "So pouring feces on my face? That seems unlikely to me. Now a ton of people are going to boo me. And, sure, it's very likely I get pissed on. Multiple times. And feces may be thrown at me. But an actual full bag of human feces dumped on my face? Fresh feces, so it sticks? I would be surprised."

Despite quarterbacking Philadelphia to six NFC Championship Games, McNabb had a strained relationship with Philadelphia fans from the night he was drafted until his final game. Many doubt the fans at Lincoln Financial Field will suddenly treat him well now that he's the quarterback of a hated division rival.

"I most definitely would pour a bag of feces — human feces … my own feces, in fact — right on his face," said Eagles fan Bob Mitchell. "But my seats are way up in the upper deck. I don't have that opportunity. So I guess I'll just pass the bag down with instructions written on the bag: 'Please dump contents on McLoser.'"

Yet while the media and the fans are focusing on the reception he will receive in Philadelphia, McNabb says that is the least of his worries.

"We need a win. We're 1-2 right now," said McNabb. "However the fans treat me will be how they treat me. If we don't win the game, no one is going to make excuses for me, like: 'Oh, Donovan didn't see that receiver open in the end zone on the final play because his left eye was swollen shut from when that fan threw a D battery at him from the upper deck.'"