Mark Sanchez in favor of Ground Zero mosque so he can meet Middle Eastern women

New York Jets quarterback made a strong statement today declaring his unconditional support for the controversial mosque that is planned to be built just blocks from Ground Zero in order to facilitate his access to Muslim women. "I'm sick of the prejudice against Muslims," said Sanchez at a Jets media outing. "We need to allow this mosque to be built in lower Manhattan because, quite frankly, I have not slept with nearly enough Middle Eastern women and I'd like to change that." Not all in the Jets organization support Sanchez's remarks. "Mark spends almost all of his time gallivanting with women," said Jets quarterback coach Matt Cavanaugh. "I held my tongue when he asked that the playbook be printed in Mandarin to impress Chinese girls at bars, but this is too much. We need Mark to be focused on football." Mosque financier Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has publically appreciated the support, but in a written statement, cautioned Sanchez that these women will likely be pious and devout to their faith and not interested in his playboy lifestyle. "No matter," responded Sanchez. "I like a challenge. People, or more specifically, beautiful women, should have the opportunity to worship wherever they please. And when they're all worshiped out, they can swing by Casa Sanchez and we be pious together."