Madden 11 Now Offering Patch That Includes the Kansas City Chiefs


The makers of Madden 11 have hurried a downloadable patch that is now available to all users that includes the Kansas City Chiefs franchise and 2010 roster.

But an EA Sports spokesman says the original exclusion of the Chiefs from the game was not an oversight.

"As remarkable as modern gaming systems are, we still have to conserve our resources as much as possible," said EA spokesman Josh Connor. "And we felt it made the most sense to leave the Chiefs off the game so we could improve the gaming experience in other aspects."

It was not until now, with the Chiefs out to a surprising 3-0 start, that anyone contacted the company about the Chiefs not being in the game.

"I think we got four or five calls," said Connor. "And, still, we think it's kind of pointless to include them. I mean, come on — they're still the Chiefs. Matt Cassel is their quarterback. But, hey — whatever. We aim to please."

According to Connor, the Chiefs haven't been included in a Madden release for "five or six years." He says the company has yet to receive a request for inclusion of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who haven't been on a Madden game since the franchise's inaugural season in 1995.