Ken Burns Releases 10-Part Lingerie Football Documentary

Filmmaker Ken Burns. Credit: Cable Risdon, 2002
Filmmaker Ken Burns will debut "Lingerie Football", his new 10-part documentary, tonight on Spike TV.

Known for his PBS documentaries "The Civil War", "Baseball" and "Jazz", "Lingerie Football" will focus on the early 2000s and lingerie football's impact on American culture. Tonight's debut installment, "From Fantasy To Reality", will present the birth of lingerie football, a sport that was conceived while its creator was masturbating.

"Like many great American institutions before it, lingerie football was birthed in a moment of self-pleasure," Part 1 opens with narration by Johnny Knoxville. "Ford thought up the assembly line as fantasy after fantasy cycled into his brain. Lingerie football's story is much the same."

While past Burns' documentaries have been criticized for featuring too many photographs, that style is one of the strengths of "Lingerie Football", giving viewers plenty of time to pause the documentary for an especially good shot or whatever.

Burns had reportedly been recording Lingerie Football League games secretly in his office for his own use but was forced to cut them into a documentary when his wife saw his DVR recordings list.

"What? No. No, that story isn't true at all," said Burns. "Where did you hear that? All along I was planning to make a Lingerie Football documentary. Really. I have explained that to Cindy several times."

As his past PBS films established him as America's best-known documentary filmmaker, "Lingerie Football" is expected to make Burns the most famous, and first, spankumentary maker.

"I wouldn't necessarily call this a spankumentary," said Burns. "It is telling a story. It is art."

Part 2, "Tits As Big As Footballs", will debut tomorrow night.