Houston Texans Achieve Highest Power Rankings Spot in Franchise History


Many said it could never be done. But the Houston Texans used that doubt to fuel them and this week, for the first time in franchise history, earned a Top-5 spot in an NFL power rankings — earning the No. 3 spot on the SI.com rankings with a 2-0 record.

"You set goals at the beginning of the season, but I don't know if even we believed this would really happen," said triumphant head coach Gary Kubiak. "I'm just happy for the whole organization. It's a special day."

With a parade set for downtown Houston tomorrow morning, Kubiak is giving his players the week off to take it all in and celebrate the achievement.

"When they unveil the SI.com 2010 Week 2 Power Rankings No. 3 banner, boy, I just don't know what will be going through my mind," said quarterback Matt Schaub. "A few years ago I was a backup on the Falcons and now I'm quarterbacking a team that has real cred in the online power rankings. It's the dream of every kid who picks up a football."

The Texans put their power ranking on the line on Sunday when they play the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys opened the season ranked No. 8 on SI.com but have fallen to No. 20.

"We need to start winning," said Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips. "We're running out of time. If we dig too big of a hole, we'll never make it back into the power rankings Top 10."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has tried to fire up the team by printing up t-shirts that read "One Team + One Heart = #1 in the Power Rankings." Meanwhile, rumors have circulated that if the Cowboys don't soon move up in the rankings, Jones will start posting disparaging comments about Phillips on online message boards.