Derek Jeter Finally Playing Like The Crappy Player He’s Always Been

Overrated. A flash-in-the-pan. A below average player simply lucky to be on a star-studded roster in the world's biggest media market.

Derek Jeter has long been accused of being all of those. And after 16 years in the majors, his failings as a baseball player are apparent to everyone — even the most diehard Yankee fans and Derek Jeter fanboys.

"I told you," said a caller into a Boston sports radio station. "I told everybody. Years ago. Derek Jeter sucks. Always has, always will. It's just now that everyone is realizing this. Bandwagoners, that's what they are. Idiot bandwagoners."

Jeter is hitting .262 this season with 10 home runs, 60 RBI and 16 stolen bases — still far above average for his position — but well off his career averages of .314, 17 home runs, 80 RBI and 23 steals. Scouts say his bat speed has slowed and his fielding range has decreased.

"He was bad before, but now he's probably the worst player in baseball," said a Mets fan who called into New York's WFAN. "If he keeps falling apart at this pace, the piece of crap probably won't even get to 4,000 hits."

Jeter admits he has been in a prolonged slump this season, but says he will not take the advice of many and "just go ahead and kill [him]self already." Nor will he break up with that "ugly pig" Minka Kelly.

"I'll be okay," he said. "I've been in the game 16 years so I know slumps are a part of the game. And I know that better than anyone because I have been in a slump my whole career, as I am terrible."