Darrelle Revis Encourages Mark Sanchez to Holdout Immediately


Just seconds after their season-opening loss to the Ravens was in the books, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis pulled quarterback Mark Sanchez aside and told him to leave the team immediately and demand a new contract.

"I told Mark he's not making what he deserves," said Revis. "And that is not a lie. He is not making what he deserves."

Sanchez, coming off a rookie season in which he had 30 turnovers, did not turn the ball over against Baltimore, but he led his team to only three field goals on 10-of-21 passing for 74 yards.

"A lot of people don't agree with holdouts, but I think it would be hard to argue that, in the end, my holdout wasn't beneficial to the team," said Revis, who missed most of training camp. "And with Mark holding out, there would be even more immediate benefits. Like, as soon as this Sunday."

Sanchez says he will consider holding out, but doubts he will.

"I really respect Darrelle, so I ran his idea by my agent," said Sanchez. "And my agent was like: 'What? Are you insane? No, under no circumstances holdout. You have to take money as long as someone is foolish enough to pay you. Your time is not long in the league.' So, yeah, probably not."

If Sanchez refuses to leave the team, Revis says he will appeal to his quarterback's sense of self-preservation.

"I'm telling you, if he shows up, Coach Ryan might kill him," said Revis.