Cardinals Looking to Get Rid of Matt Leinart After He Gave Them Herpes

The Matt Leinart-Arizona Cardinals relationship is reportedly about to end. According to sources, the Cardinals want to rid themselves of the quarterback because they believe he can't be trusted and may have given them herpes.
"You want to trust a guy. You want a longterm relationship and then this happens," said head coach Ken Whisenhunt. "We never got a venereal disease from Kurt Warner, I'll tell you that much."
When confronted by his team, Leinart insisted that it wasn't him who was the source of their genital sores. But his denial was refused.
"All I know is that he's supposed to be here practicing and studying film — working on us, being a team," said wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. "But every night he's out with some other woman. I had hoped those days were behind him."
With Leinart on the outs, the Cardinals reportedly are looking to Derek Anderson.
"He may not be handsome or famous or make a ton of money," said running back Beanie Wells. "But he's a good guy who works hard and won't give us the HIV. That means something."
But Leinart hasn't lost all support on the team.
"I have herpes, true," said defensive end Darnell Dockett. "But that's not the half of it. And I'm almost positive I got all of it from prostitutes."